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Subdomains and FTP

Started by bookish, September 28, 2006, 06:23:59 PM

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In the "Hosting plans" topic Admin said the FreePgs system provides 2 subdomains on all accounts. I was wondering how they would be accessed by FTP. Would there be two folders for the two subdomains?


Basically if you have a domain linked to your account for example, "" then you can have 2 sub domains linked to that domain so "" and "" for each sub domain you can choose a directory for it to point to in your account.


My situation is that I have a single subdomain at I haven't purchased a domain name.
Quote from: AdminThe FreePgs system only provides 2 subdomains on all accounts.
At present, connecting via FTP takes me straight to the root directory of my subdomain. I was wondering what the FTP path would look like if I requested a second Freepgs subdomain. Or is it only available if I purchase a domain name?


Oh ok I think it's only available when you have a domain of your own.


Unless it's changed then you get 2 ftp accounts. Your main one, and a secondary one which you can specify to point to any directory. I haven't looked recently, but the option is somewhere in the site admin thing when you login.