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Spam from site?

Started by Laichzeit, August 27, 2006, 09:25:44 PM

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One of my sites registered with is and all of a sudden I've been recieveing spam from address such as etc. I'll get about 20 messages all in one go and they all have the subject 'schweisser query'. Now when i check the properties of the email the sender details say greentea@fpgs.lvs.(net)
Is there some sort of bug going round on the server?


Be sure you do not have any mail scripts setup within your account that someone could be exploiting (to send massive amounts of mail).

Also, you can forward the complete headers of the message to us (using the contact form) so we can verify which account the message was generated from.

Thank you, Admin


This is an exploit in a lot of contact form scripts. If it's php have a look at:

It explains it quite detailed :)


Ah cheers for the link.
I just deleted the script and all is well. I've used the script on many other sites, this is the first time it's been exploited. Bloody spammers..