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Problems accessing freepgs from Europe [UPDATED 12.06]

Started by LNany, August 23, 2006, 11:28:57 AM

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*This is happening again, please refer to the last post*


I think there's a problem accessing (and all websites hosted) from Europe since last night.

I can't open my site hosted in freepgs ( or the main site. Now i'm using a proxy to post this, because i saw my visit counter is still counting visits to my site, but all of them are from Asia and America. So that's why i think there's a problem accesing from Europe (at least some countries) to freepgs hosted sites, some other people from my country (Spain) using different ISP's can't access to freepgs either.

I wonder why this is happening and i hope this can be solved soon. Thank you.


I concur, UK was out for ages. Just back online now


It's solved. I can load freepgs pages now too.  :)


Have been having some issues recently but was thinking this was my ISP. I don't suppose you're with Orange X?

I've heard some people have had trouble accessing ITunes recently too.


i'm from spain too, and a lot of friends of mine (all of them with ONO) were complaining about this the last few days. Neither of them could see any web hosted on freepgs. i've got adsl with telefonica and haven't  got any problem



I'm having this same problem again since yesterday.

Currently, i'm using a proxy (from the USA) to access this forum. I've asked friends with other Spanish ISP and they can't access my page or directly or other freepgs hosted sites either, so i guess there's again the same problem accessing freepgs from some European countries.

Hope this can be solved soon again. Thank you in advance.


I have updated the routes to these destinations.  Please let me know if this solves the problem for you.

(If it does not, I will be sure to include your region/IP Range)

Thank you, Admin



I'm still having issues from the UK.  Please e-mail s0larisadi at gmail dot com if there's any information you require to help sorting this.

Many thanks

** This has now be resolved **