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New Database Server

Started by admin, August 18, 2006, 12:11:06 AM

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All new databases you create will now be on the MySQL 5.0.x server running on another machine.

The Options panel will show you the correct hostname to use for each of your databases.  Clicking "MG" will take you to the correct phpMyAdmin for your database.

Plesk users can also take advantage of this database (If they have compatibility problems using MySQL 3.23.x that is bundled with Plesk)

If you would like to move your database to the new server, you will need to

1. Create a new database.  (You can use the same db name, username, and password since the database is being created on another server)
2. Export your current database (to a file)
3. Import your backup (dump) file to the new database on the remote server
4. Change your settings and verify that your script still operates correctly and that all data is available
5. Remove the database on the old "localhost" server.

All of these steps can be done from the links in the Options panel.  Use "EX" to export your database to a dump file and "MG" to import the database on the new server.  (MG = Manage, you will need to select the "SQL" tab to import data)

Remember, when entering connection details for newly created databases, you must use "" or "" as the DB Hostname field of your script.

**Only remove the original database AFTER you have tested the new database**

Thank you, Admin