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Account Upgrade

Started by chrisharrod, August 12, 2006, 04:41:43 AM

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I have sent the update payment through Paypal to upgrade from Titanium to Extreme. I have the reciept dated 6th Aug, but my account is still showing as Titanium. Shold i be expecting a longer delay (no problem if there is) or has there been a problem?

AccID: 9429
User: chrisharrod


You paid via eCheck.  eCheck payments are not instant.  Once the check clears, PayPal will send us the response and your account will be updated.  Please contact PayPal for further assistance.

(As per PayPal, this payment is still "uncleared")

Status: Uncleared(Expected Clearing Date: Aug. 15, 2006)

You will need to contact PayPal if this has already been taken out of your bank account as we have not received the money for it.  (PayPal does not send us the funds until it shows as "Cleared")

Thank you, Admin