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Could not connect to the database server.

Started by basil, June 27, 2006, 12:14:29 AM

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I was trying to install XOOPS to do some teaching and testing of the new version.

i've done it more than once or twice, so I don't think I've made a mistake. But towards the end of the installation, I got this error:

"Could not connect to the database server."

Is this something to do with new security since the attacks on freepgs?

Or could it be my error? And is there a way around it??



Be sure you have supplied the correct details to login to MySQL.

Thank you, Admin


Double checked, and worked thorugh the wizard again. Same messgae -Could not connect to the database server. Please check the database server and its configuration.

Any suggestions?

webzone (archived)

Remember that the username/password for the database are independent from the ones you use to login to your account. You also need to create a database before trying to use it.

You can see a list of the databases you created here and, if you had not already done so, you can create a new one here.