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Still Having Problems...

Started by TomMystery, June 04, 2006, 11:01:54 PM

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Ok, I transferred my domain to and ever since then I have been having problems.

I changed my nameserver records to and a few days ago and my domain worked until this morning.  Now whenever I try to access my page I get a "Page Not Found" error.

I don't believe that the server is down at the moment.

So could the admin *please* take a look at my settings on Plesk?

- Robert Panasiuk


The Plesk server is currently being upgraded (Plesk software upgrade)

Some services may be unavailable during the upgrade.

Be sure your domain is pointed to PLSK1.LVCS.NET, PLSK2.LVCS.NET and that the domain is listed on your account.

Thank you, Admin


The Plesk software has finished upgrading.

Your site should be up and running again.

Thank you, Admin


Hmm... my site still isn't up.

I registered the domain on June 2nd, and modified the Nameserver Records on the same day.  The site was also working without any problems yesterday.

I've gone over the DNS Records on PLESK and everything seems to be fine.

It also seems like when I try to use the 'site preview' function for my html files my site doesn't show up either.

Any other ideas?




Ok, I just tried doing site preview again and it now works.

But my site still isn't up.

BTW, according to the WHOIS record:
my nameservers are correct.

Also, it might be interesting to know that when I do a nslookup I get a "No response from server" or "Server failed" message.  I tested it with google to make sure that it wasn't a problem with my router or firewall and it works fine with listing the ip addies.

I also want to add that I'm getting the correct IP of when I do a traceroute.

Ideas?  ???

And yes I have tried refreshing the page  ;)

- Rob.


If it's any consolation it's loading perfectly for me... Maybe your router is caching the old DNS info form when the site is down? Don't know how to clear it though.


Really?  Hold on, let me clean out my cached files, history, and reset my router.


And hey, thanks alot!


Hmm... it's still not loading for me, on none of my computers.

Can someone else verify that its actually up?



Problem Fixed.  :D

It was my router afterall.

Thanks for your help!
- TomMystery