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[FTP] Problems in Dreamweaver

Started by Ron, May 24, 2006, 12:59:03 AM

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My FTP used to work fine with freepgs, but now it's having problems. Dreamweaver says that I'm connected, but I can't see any files on my webpage. But if I login to my site from manually, it works fine, and I can see all my files and folders.

Could someone help me? Should I enable some service from services.msc to get it to work? Did something change on that you guys didn't tell us about? I'm so lost... :(

Please help.

~Ron  ???


Well I dunno exactly what's wrong but let me sescribe how I connect with dreamweaver and if you connect differently then try it my way.

Go to the site manager and get to teh ftp options.

Use with your username and password.

Make sure you go to the advanced tab and select "passive FTP". 

Click the little arrow to connect to your website.

Now I mean you probably already have all that already but It doesn't hurt to make sure.

I've had some similar problems, are you making sure you're looking at the "Remote" view and not the local view.

(Although in essence you should Actually design your website on your computer and upload from there, and therefore use the local view mostly). I can't think of anything else at the moment but I'll look it up and see if I can find anything. 

Visite me website at


Thank you so much!

It worked just fine. Before I used to be able to FTP into without having to put in, I could just put in and I never had to use passive FTP either. Maybe changed something around.

Thank you for the tip, but I did design the site on my computer first and then upload it. I then had to completely wipe my computer because of partition problems, so I lost whatever data I had, and my back up of my site was old. So.. I wanted to redownload the website so I could make future updates/changes.  ;D



Oh guess what. I still had problems with Dreamweaver using FTP. But now it's all solved. I even used your suggestions which worked in the beginning, but now again I had the same problem. If anyone is having trouble, do this on top of the previous users suggestions.

1. Click On Site > Manage Site
2. Click on your site and click on Edit.
3. Click on the Advanced tab and then click on Remote Info.
4. Click on Server Compatibility.
5. Uncheck "Use FTP Performance Optimzation".

Try it again, and it should work. If it doesn't then post here or consult with Macromedia/Adobe (Since Adobe bought them).

~Ron  :)