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How to restore/import MySQL database

Started by tle, May 04, 2006, 05:07:02 AM

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I am very new here and I want to ask if any one can show me how to import/restore my MySQL database to the server. I think I can no use phpmyadmin because the database file is about 70MB. Do we have access to SSH or something similar so I can do an import in command-line? Also, can I store the whole content of my site in the database instead of files (approx. 100-200MB).
Thank you.

Trung Le


how in the bloody hell do you have 70 MB worth of textual data? That's 70,000,000 characters.

anyway yeah I think PHP MyAdmin is pretty much out, I have no idea how you can restore it, the ony way I've accessed my Databases is via PHP MyAdmin.

You could try uploading it to your site and then running your own script (or you could TRY PHP MyAdmin but it won't work I think it can time out)

Is it just one single file that is 70 MB?
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Well, I thought it is easier to store everything in the database so I stored all of the site content (including graphics, text, PDFs etc.) in the database as blob. Backup/restore a site that stores everything in the database is just a matter of uploading about 100KB of PHP files and one single database file. I know with some hosts, you can upload the files to the server and then use SSH to import the database file to your mysql database.

The other alternative is I have to export my database to multiple files before upload it to the server (which I have not figure out an easy way to do yet). Can som one please help ?


While logged into your account use the contact form to ask the admin if he'll import the mysql file into your database for you (do this after you've uploaded the file obviously). I'm pretty sure he does that kind of thing on request.