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Plesk for Mail

Started by admin, April 02, 2006, 08:00:44 PM

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Users that used the Plesk server only for mail can request a mail account to be added to the LVCS.NET mail system by using the Contact Form.

Please include the following information for each account you would like to add.  We will also need to change your DNS records if the domain is pointed to our nameservers to point to the proper mail server.

Please provide this information for each mail account you would like to add:

Make Catchall Account?:
Enable Spam Filter?:

Please note:
If you have registered your domain via LVCS.NET, you must manage your email accounts via
Click "Email Account List" in the "Hosting & Email" section.  To setup accounts that are part of your domain registration, please click the "Manage Free Accounts" button at the top of the email account list.

Once this is done, please use the Contact Form so we can update your MX records to point to that mail system.

Thank you, Admin