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^ It's solved. Thank you. ;)

I'm having this same problem again since yesterday.

Currently, i'm using a proxy (from the USA) to access this forum. I've asked friends with other Spanish ISP and they can't access my page or directly or other freepgs hosted sites either, so i guess there's again the same problem accessing freepgs from some European countries.

Hope this can be solved soon again. Thank you in advance.
It's solved. I can load freepgs pages now too.  :)
*This is happening again, please refer to the last post*


I think there's a problem accessing (and all websites hosted) from Europe since last night.

I can't open my site hosted in freepgs ( or the main site. Now i'm using a proxy to post this, because i saw my visit counter is still counting visits to my site, but all of them are from Asia and America. So that's why i think there's a problem accesing from Europe (at least some countries) to freepgs hosted sites, some other people from my country (Spain) using different ISP's can't access to freepgs either.

I wonder why this is happening and i hope this can be solved soon. Thank you.
Support Requests / Re: Page NOT Found
June 03, 2006, 08:58:17 AM
I've the same problem with my page (and )

If you read the error page you'll find the answer:

If you are the owner of this website, please read below:

FreePgs URLs are no longer accessible
Please associate a domain to your account to access your files.
If you do not have a domain name, please use the Contact Form
and a subdomain name will be provided to you.
Be sure to login before sending the message.

I used the contact form and i hope the problem is solved ASAP because i'm having a lot of troubles because of this...