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Quote from: dest on March 09, 2006, 11:27:07 PM
Maybe the java upload does something funky to it.  Try uploading with a real FTP program, like Filezilla.

Thank you, dest! I used Filezilla and now it works perfectly! You're right, the Java upload must be doing something funky to the files. Thank you again! You have been so much help!
Both of those options are already checked. Is it possible I may have installed WordPress wrong? I've re-installed it several times, but I did it the same way every time. Here is my WordPress installation process:

1. Download WordPress archive from
2. Unzip to a new folder on the desktop.
3. Open the FreePgs Online FTP File Manager to root directory in Firefox.
4. Click "Java Upload" and open the unzipped WordPress folder.
5. Highlight all files inside the folder and click upload.
6. Run install.php inside wp-admin folder.

Do I need to enable something in my FreePgs account besides PHP? Thanks for all your help!
Okay, it's good to hear it's not a server problem. However, my site and browser meets all those requirements but the "visual rich" editor still does not appear. Here is my current setup:

- Mozilla Firefox
- JavaScript Enabled
- wp-includes Permissions set at 755 (rwxr-xr-x)

What could be the problem...? Thanks!
The visual rich editor available in WordPress 2.0 for writing posts is missing from my site. Instead, I have "quicktags" shown, even though I have the visual rich editor enabled. I have tried re-installing WordPress a half-dozen times already and every time I've had the same problem. My best guess is that this is a server-side issue concerning the PHP installation, but that still seems unlikely. Please help!