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Support Requests / Re: FTP Password
October 26, 2005, 11:13:39 PM
Support Requests / FTP Password
October 26, 2005, 11:07:11 PM
How to change FTP password? I've change the plesk password, but can't change FTP password.
Ya, I have the same problem as well :-\

It went to "Fedora Core Test Page" isn't it?
Support Requests / Re: NameServer Problems?
October 22, 2005, 04:06:08 AM
Oh... Thanks for the info :P I was also can't access to my domain  :-\
Support Requests / Re: New Domain
October 21, 2005, 01:21:17 AM
Got it! Thanks for the fast respone again...  ::)
Support Requests / New Domain
October 21, 2005, 01:00:13 AM

Look at this image. I have requested another domain pointed to the account, but when I clicked on the domain it went to this page.. Which stated "Domain has no hosting configured" So do I have to click on "Setup"?