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Support Requests / Re: php mail
February 25, 2007, 03:17:04 AM
Ummm I have a site that will be using email newsletters as well, is this going to become a sort of problem?
Last thing I want is to get mail locked for an email newsletter.
Support Requests / Re: Dolphin 5.6 community builder
February 24, 2007, 06:44:15 PM
Well as of right now the main holdup is the software will not send out emails. Email has been enabled on the account (here) but no email goes out when a user registers or when I send email out to them from the admin panel. Here is the email code they are using...guess this is what you need, Im not much on this code stuff, anyone see something wrong in it or something I need to change? 
NOTE: Actually this code is from the GPLdate rev39 version which is based on Dolphin 5.3 I had reverted back to this version because its code is more stable...humpff except for the email part lol

function sendMail( $sRecipientEmail, $sMailSubject, $sMailBody, $iRecipientID = '', $aPlus = '' )
global $site;

if( $iRecipientID )
$profileQuery = "SELECT `ID`, `NickName`, `RealName`, `Email`, `Password`, `Status`, `EmailFlag` FROM `Profiles` WHERE `ID` = '" . (int)$iRecipientID . "';";
$aRecipientInfo = db_arr("$profileQuery");

$sMailHeader = "From: {$site['title']} <{$site['email_notify']}>";
$sMailParameters = "-f{$site['email_notify']}";

$sMailSubject = str_replace( "<SiteName>", $site['title'], $sMailSubject );

$sMailBody = str_replace( "<SiteName>", $site['title'], $sMailBody );
$sMailBody = str_replace( "<Domain>", $site['url'], $sMailBody );
$sMailBody = str_replace( "<recipientID>", $aRecipientInfo['ID'], $sMailBody );
$sMailBody = str_replace( "<RealName>", ( ( 1 < strlen($aRecipientInfo['RealName'] ) ? $aRecipientInfo['RealName'] : $aRecipientInfo['NickName'] )), $sMailBody );
$sMailBody = str_replace( "<NickName>", $aRecipientInfo['NickName'], $sMailBody );
$sMailBody = str_replace( "<Email>", $aRecipientInfo['Email'], $sMailBody );
$sMailBody = str_replace( "<Password>", $aRecipientInfo['Password'], $sMailBody );

if( is_array($aPlus) )
foreach ( $aPlus as $key => $value )
$sMailBody = str_replace( '<' . $key . '>', $value, $sMailBody );

if( 'HTML' == $aRecipientInfo['EmailFlag'])
$sMailHeader = "MIME-Version: 1.0\r\n" . "Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1\r\n" . $sMailHeader;
$iSendingResult = mail( $sRecipientEmail, $sMailSubject, $sMailBody, $sMailHeader, $sMailParameters );
$iSendingResult = mail( $sRecipientEmail, $sMailSubject, html2txt($sMailBody), $sMailHeader, $sMailParameters );

return $iSendingResult;
Support Requests / Dolphin 5.6 community builder
February 19, 2007, 07:42:46 AM
Anyone here run or attempted to run the Dolphin 5.6 software on here?
Im having some major issues with mine and cant seem to resolve them. Anyone with experience here are welcome to offer advice :D