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man, i just received my expiring reminder today because my package expired on 31 Dec.
If i have known this, i would pay yesterday for couple years in advance.

with this annual fee increase, did we get something in return?
eg. additional space/bandwidth?
my current package is 300mb space, i have to do weekly clean-up for my auto generated backup files
Support Requests / Re: Should the service continue?
June 15, 2011, 05:48:00 AM
YES, Please renew!

I'm thinking to upgrade my plan, and moved most of my site here.
I've come across some hosting server, and Freepgs is one of the best and cheapest around.

I just found out I can renew more than 1 year, I thought it was suppose to be annual only.. silly me
good things I already paid from the last billing reminder.
Support Requests / Plesk5: Unsuspend subscription
June 15, 2011, 05:27:41 AM
Dear Admin,

recently i over limit my disk space quota due to backup script, then the subscription is suspended, and my site goes offline.
and in Plesk5 panel, under the suspended subscription, I can do anything with it.
sorry to ask, but I can't find a way to unsuspend this subscription. what should I do?
I already delete the files, and lower the disk usage below quota.

one other thing, I'm thinking of upgrading my account, are there any option other than those 3 plan?


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