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Support Requests / Help!! Account suspended!!
September 12, 2006, 11:00:02 PM
I just went to login to my account and it says it has been suspended. The site also doesn't work. It is extremely important that I access the files and databases stored on my account. Can admin please contact me ASAP at to sort this out. This is very urgent.
On the new database server, a database called information_schema is visible in PHPMyAdmin. Is it possible to hide this database (since it can't be edited anyway...)?
I just created 4 databases on the new server, but when I click on the MG link next to them and enter the username and password, the username and password is not accepted and I am denied access. I have checked the username and password carefully and I am definitely entering it correctly. Is there a problem with the server? Also, is there any way to create new databases on the old localhost server?
Although I shouldn't be able to create a database from within PHPMyAdmin, when I log in there is the option to create a database with ? in the name. All my normal databases begin with podunkso_ and then a name, for example podunkso_test. However, I have accidentally created some databases on the PHPMyAdmin home page after logging in that have ? instead of _, for example, podunkso?test. They show up in the drop down of databases in PHPMyAdmin but do not show up from within the FreePgs system control panel, so I can't delete them. How do I delete these phantom databases? If I can't do it myself, can someone at FreePgs delete all databases from my account that have a ? in the name please? I would prefer to know how to do it myself though in case another one is accidentally created.
Support Requests / Create MySQL database using PHP
August 22, 2006, 02:37:09 AM
Does the FreePgs MySQL database server allow databases to be created using PHP (as in, mysql_query("CREATE DATABASE Whatever")...)? If so, can I specify a different username and password for the created database(s) than my login?