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Support Requests / Files Won't Delete?
November 10, 2007, 07:25:49 PM
Okay, with the massive amount of questions we've been getting on this, I figured it might as well be useful to make a topic about this.

Your files won't delete via FTP if they were created via PHP.  Your files also won't delete via PHP if they were created via FTP. To delete php files, you're best bet is to use the function below.

Taking code from the php manual (
function RecursiveFolderDelete $folderPath ){
  if ( 
is_dir $folderPath ) ){
    foreach ( 
scandir $folderPath ) as $value ){
      if ( 
$value != "." && $value != ".." ){
$value $folderPath "/" $value;
        if ( 
is_dir $value ) ){
RecursiveFolderDelete $value );
        }elseif ( 
is_file $value ) ){
unlink $value );
rmdir $folderPath );


Call this function on any sub-folder on your account, and anything left once this function is done should be able to be deleted via ftp.

If you still have problems after this, feel free to use the contact form and we'll help from there.
Support Requests / Bug Report: Server Status Page
November 03, 2007, 03:27:17 PM

Seems it's showing them all as "down". Maybe something to do with the IP change recently?

Hopefully it's a quick and easy fix.

Support Requests / Net2FTP having problems?
December 08, 2005, 06:21:05 PM
Okay, I've been using Net2ftp today, and every so often I'll get a "cannot find server" message and be logged out. It's probably just the server restarting, but I'm wondering if anyone else is having this problem as well, or if it's just me..
Support Requests / FreePgs FAQ
December 02, 2005, 06:26:36 PM
Here is my list of some of the most frequently asked questions about anything on FreePgs. It's currently a work in progress, so check back often.

General Questions

1. I changed my username, but my url didn't change. Why?
A. Currently, you have to manually request that your url be changed to match your new username.

2. I accidentally chmod'ed my files wrong, and I can't chmod them back through ftp! How can I fix this?
A. You can use the online file manager to change these files, or request they be chmod via the contact form. If it's only a few files, it will most likely be done faster through the online file manager.
Note: If the files were created by PHP, you must have the files chow'd first, otherwise you cannot chmod them in the file manager. To have the files chow'd, please send a request from the contact form.

3. I would like to add a cron job to my account. How can this be done?
A. Send a contact form request with the file and times you want it to run.

Htaccess Questions

1. Are we allowed to use .htaccess files?
A. Yes, you are allowed everything but Options in .htaccess files (unless HTAccess Override is set to all on your account. Check this page if you're not sure).

FTP Questions

1. What is the FTP Server/Port?
A. on Port 21

2. FTP isn't working for me. What should I do?
A. Make sure your FTP program isn't being blocked by your firewall. Also make sure that the server and port are correct.

MySQL Questions

1. I cannot log into phpMyAdmin with my Freepgs username/password
A. Use your MySQL username and password.

2. What is the MySQL Host?
A. You can check the MySQL host name you need to use from the "Manage Databases" link in the option panel. This will either be "localhost" or "".

3. What is my MySQL username/password?
A. You have to create (Manage Databases link in the option panel) one to use one. You can also go there to find your user/password/database name.

PHP Questions

1.My PHP script doesn't work, it just returns php code.
A. Turn PHP on in the options panel. It's a link right at the top of thet main menu, or on the "Set Scripting Options" page. This may take up to 15 minutes to process.

2. My PHP script doesn't work, it just shows a blank page.
A. If you're on Freepgs, turn PHP error reporting on ("Set Scripting Options" in the options panel). If you're on Plesk, view this topic.

3. The mail() function doesn't work! Why not?
A. You must request that the mail() function be enabled on your account. Please use the contact form to do so.

This topic will be updated on a continual basis, so if you have any questions to add, Send me a PM.