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 :(  Hey Admin, or Gordon, I have sent 3 private e-mails to you guys, 3  4  & 5 days ago with no answer.
The Admin aproved me using cgi for my FM's because I use them with webtv, not my PC. and I understood that my scripts posed no threat to the freepgs server because I don't let any out to the public, just for personal use.
The FM's will open, but none of the tools and or scripts I use in them will operate, nor will anything I click on work in the FM's and even using the Freepgs FTP FM doesn't work for me properly. I checked what I call the cpanel and my cgi is inabled, but nuttin works.
NOW...... anything file I click, won't work. I have brought a list of files for you to check your self, so you can see they won't open, even gif's, html pages, etc even my index.html won't open.
Please e-mail me or help please.
I have 3 $8.00 accounts going to waste.

Here is a short list of files I couldn't get to work 30 min's ago.

UH OH, I just noticed the URL's are not even the correct ones and I cut, copyed and pasted them from my account. What Gives with the 2 // and my user name missing. I am leaving some of them just the way I collected them.
PS: I have been on the internet 7 yrs and this is a first. I am not ill, I just need answers guys. Thanks.
I have modify this post because I see freepgs is having a big problem. Will be back later.