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Topics - ladyxmoonlight

Support Requests / Plesk...?
March 22, 2008, 10:32:32 PM
I do not have a site host, I have the FreePGs image hosting, do I need to switch to Plesk?
Support Requests / Username change
February 03, 2007, 03:39:59 PM
I recently changed my username from umi_shoujo to ladyxmoonlight.  But, I notice the URL for my files has not changed.  Will they?  If not, is there a way to make them?
Support Requests / Spam from FreePGs?
July 30, 2006, 10:15:47 PM
I just got this e-mail and I'm very confused about why I was sent it.  I think a member is spamming other FreePgs members somehow.  In which case, you might want to be aware of it anyway.  If not, then can someone explain this e-mail to me...?

You have just been sent a personal message by Dean
Kelly on Forum.

IMPORTANT: Remember, this is just a notification.
Please do not reply to this email.

The message they sent you was:

If you have some time check out this COOL website:
this is great entertainment!!!
Also, check out the following website I came across:
It will
knock your socks off!
Finally, the below website is the absolute BOMB!!!
Reply to this Personal Message here:;sa=send;f=inbox;pmsg=504;quote;u=789

EDIT: Er, sorry about posting the e-mail doesn't show images from people I don't know.  I didn't realise it was there when I copy/pasted.  Now I see it IS spam, porn spam.  So, I think would like to be aware.  And, I'm an idiot for I should have READ the links.  -_-

From what I gather, this guy is sending personal messages here on the forums.  I just got the e-mail alert.  Either way, he's sending porn.