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Support Requests / Plesk3?!
June 08, 2010, 01:03:02 PM
Wait.. what? Sorry but i just tried to access my domain which apparently is hosted (or was) on the plesk3 server according to the ftp info i have for it, but i can't access neither plesk or ftp... but the site is still online.. what has happened? Can someone please help me out here, cause i've had no information or email regarding this whole thing..
I've got one website hosted on the plesk system, as i found out last night the mail() function has been disabled, so the script im trying to use doesnt work like it should! So i uploaded the same files to a website hosted on the servers and still i get the same problem, the script doesnt send like it should do. So just to be sure this is not my error i uploaded the exact same files to another server hosted elsewhere and it works fine.

So whats the problem??
Support Requests / What is going on?
June 27, 2006, 02:53:46 PM
I've gone to access my forum today and everything is messed up..

First i was getting...
phpBB : Critical Error
Could not connect to the database

then after about 20 minutes i got
Couldn't obtain category list. DEBUG MODE SQL Error : 1030 Got error 28 from table handler along with a very long string of other characters and numbers

Now im back to the first error. I've been to to see if there are any issues going on with plesk, and it mentions..
QuoteThe Plesk server is currently down. Please migrate your account to the new system by clicking on "Shared" above
and purchasing a new account

website hosted on Plesk... thought i should mention again... does anyone have any advice as to what to do? Or is this simply a matter of sitting out and waiting.

Support Requests / Web stats on plesk?
June 24, 2006, 02:22:30 AM

i was curious to know about Web stats on Plesk. I really could have done with being able to access my detailed stats for my website, a client really needed to see the traffic that was coming to my site, but i find i cant access it. "This feature is currently not available"... are there any plans to implement this service, or is there something i could do to activate it?

Support Requests / Plesk... popups?
June 09, 2006, 07:31:30 PM this only just started happening today.. all my users have been complaining about popups when they go to the main website... i've checked with my shoutbox script and there is no popups cominog from that.. so i was wondering if maybe this problem was coming from plesk.. pop-up ads or something... any idea? Its rather annoying. I should say that i also received a popup when i entered into my forum at

any help greatly appreciated

My website is hosted on the Plesk server... i logged onto my site today to find that i get a 404 error.. so i came to the forums only to find out about all this "subdomain" stuff, i log into my freepgs account which has the username doctorwho2005 only to find that the URL is no longer listed...

is my problem simple, in that if i add the URL to my account again my website will be back up and running??

Support Requests / Plesk... help?
April 03, 2006, 03:01:01 PM
Hi, I know from the admins post that the Plesk serever is being Reprovisioned (??) but this morning i go onto my website just to see if its working and its hosted on the Plesk server, only to view this page..

Im guessing this is to do with the above mentioned work being carried out on the server, but then i try to access the ftp but its rejecting my password.. so im just curious is this just a temp issue tied in with the above problems and i'll be getting my account back or have i lost everything?
Support Requests / Cant view recently uploaded images!
January 16, 2006, 08:44:59 PM
First up im using Plesk..

This probleml started last night when i uploaded a .jpg file to a folder in the root of my website - i cant view that image in my browser

but an image i uploaded a few nights ago i can view fine in the browser

does anyone have any idea whats going on? I've even cleared my temp files and refreshed the browser several times
Support Requests / Confused.. need help
December 05, 2005, 11:56:23 PM
When the freepgs server burnt down i had my site reinstated on plesk over at I have a domain name and that is now pointed to the plesk server, but it is listed on my freepgs account.

A while back i asked about using both lots of space.. i.e plesk and freepgs and i was told that it was fine to use both servers. Now im becomming a little confused with the whole situation. I have decided that i would like to use my freepgs account space for the main bulk of my website, but however i have my forum (database) on the plesk server. Now i know i can move the db file and upload it to the freepgs account but that never worked for me before, so i was thinkinga bout leaving the forum where it was. So my question is

1: Keeping forum (files and database) on the plesk server, but uploading the main website to the freepgs server how will that effect my domain name? Cause obviously i would like to link to my main website via my URL instead of the given one.


Im sorry if this is a stupid question but i really cant seem to get my head round this one