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Support Requests / AJAX support
May 20, 2007, 02:10:38 AM
Hi guys,

I want to transform my website and make use of AJAX. Replace all the ugly post backs with nice server side javascript calls.
Thing is im new to AJAX so i have no idea if AJAX will work with PHP and mysql.

First of all does freepgs support AJAX (i.e. remote scripting, calling mysql from javascript etc)?

Second, can you please point me in the direction of some good resources about AJAX and getting it working with PHP?

Thanks heaps for your help
Support Requests / RSS feed not working anymore
August 23, 2006, 09:02:09 AM
Hi there,

My site displays some news using a rss feed. This has been working till today without any problems.
But when I goto the site, I get an error on the page

MagpieRSS: Failed to fetch (HTTP Error: connection failed (11) in .../magpierss-0.72/ on line 238

Seems like a connection is not established to the rss source... However the page works fine on my testing server at home (localhost)

Has there been any restrictions put in in the area of RSS feeds by freepgs which might be causing this error?