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dreamweaver LOL!

Started by darkdemun, March 28, 2006, 05:05:02 AM

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on free template websites alot of them are made in dreamweaver and i cant se how they do it,, i have tryed to make a template in dreamweaver but it so hard especially using tables you guys know where to find a dreamweaver tutorial? and will it help lol? ::)


Consider using "div" containers rather than tables. They allow you ro accuratly position content on a page so it really is WYSIWYG but also WYSIWYW(ant).

In dreamweaver you can drag and drop div containers anywhere on the page to organize your content so it makes life much easier. I must admit, trying to make a site/template with tables would be a real pain.


Sites with tables aren't too bad, depending on what you want.  Anything more than 4 sections is annoying. 
meh :P


lol i will try div, i ended up coding the site up myself using tables , took alot longer but was not as much hassle