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problem in mysql database

Started by westsida, March 21, 2006, 01:09:23 PM

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hey guys, i just made a new database, when I click on 'Manage' I cant get into it.. it says no privileges..
However on my other database, which I click on 'Manage' it shows me my tables instantly..

How can i get this working?

webzone (archived)

Have you tried to log in manually to phpMyAdmin using your new database's username and password?


If this is still not working, please use the Contact Form and provide the details.

Most likely your browser is caching the login information between the sessions and is trying to view the new database while logged in with the first username.  Click the "logout" link or close all browser windows (if using FireFox) to prompt again.

Thank you, Admin


thanks again guys.. problem fixed once again  :)