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Started by darkdemun, March 18, 2006, 04:08:37 AM

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by my observations that has alot to do with is it correct that you guys also run that website?
anyways on does it only cost something like $8.00 usd to buy a .com for a year or does it have a setup fee



FreePgs and LVCS are run by the same person, yes..

I'm not sure of the prices for a domain on LVCS, but it should be only what it says on that page..


There is no setup fee on LVCS.


i recently (2 days ago) bought a domain from lvcs and it cost $8.20 and thats all. nothing extra.

really great fast service with lvcs


Indeed, we try to keep it fast, although is our baby, we take great pride in, its our origanal site!