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help with mail();

Started by westsida, March 14, 2006, 07:03:45 AM

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hey guys.. I am almost finished my site and i need to be able to use the mail() function..

I have read through every other forum post referring to mail() but none help me..
On one of the posts.. a user asks if he can use mail() and admin replies with 'yes it does work, but if it does not send.. it means the server i am trying to send an email to must have blocked this server..'. The server I am trying to send mail to is When I found that the email did not send.. I thought damnn, don't tell me has blocked this server because 75% of email addresses are from hotmail.

I am in desperate need to send mail.. Anyone have any ideas on how I could do it without using a program?

Thanks in advance..


Please review for more information does not appear to be blocking this server (If they are, they are accepting the messages than silently dropping them later).

Please check your Spam folder for the messages.

Thank you, Admin


hey thanks a lot admin..
you were right, it was being classified as spam..
hmm... i hate the fact that when people come into my site, and sign up and they await for the confirmation email to be sent.. it might not be sent to their inbox..


Remember it could be classified as spam because of the subject or content in the email. I use gmail so I havn't had a problem, and I don't know how Hotmail Determines what is "spam" or not. But I find it hard to believe hotmail would take any email from freepgs and put it into spam automatically.

webzone (archived)

I send (legitimate) mail from this server and it usually goes through the spam filters of Hotmail and Google without problems.

Your emails pretend to be sent by whom (ie. what is the From: header of your email)? It can be the source of many problems.