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FREEPGS terribly slow

Started by dujl, December 21, 2005, 06:21:38 PM

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Today (Dec 21st) from about 12:00 GMT to now 18:10 GMT all freepgs connections are terribly slow. FTP often times out. Same with http pages. Ping is quite good about 200mS with a dialup connection, but jumps tpĀ  1300 mS pinging with 3000 bytes.).
Local line seems overloaded but working almost normally. Upload is impossible. Forum is almost normal.
Best wishes anyhow, Mike (freepgs/dujl)


This was because all memory was exhausted on the server.

We have applied additional limits to prevent this from occuring in the future.

(CGI scripts are now limited to 16MB as they were on the old server)

Thank you, Admin


hm i'm experiencing the same lately


hm have you fixed it? its isnt that slow anymore...


nevermind, still slow..


still slow for me.. took me 26 seconds on a 2mbit connection to load my home page which usually takes just a couple of seconds.


I know! Lets blame the people using freepgs to host large files!  :P

In other news, it's going faster for me than before.
meh :P


I'm usually happy with my account :D but must admit just lately some slowness has been noticed on occasion by me and the people who visit the site i set up here :-\ is there maintenance going on or have the argon stealing aliens struck once again? ;) ;D

Just thought I'd put my tuppence in :P


Today there was a user constantly accessing MySQL tables with 281,000 records for a  chat application.  This application runs inefficient queries that request all data from the table.

(The table was not filled with chat sessions but error messages)

If the user consumes resources like this again, their account will be suspended.

Thank you, Admin