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Started by ghost, November 29, 2005, 05:22:49 AM

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With the ASP Chat, it runs on a different server than the freepgs users do? (windows based or something..) 

Anyways.. was wondering if it was possible (for those who want it) to pay abit to get a small amount of space to run one of those chats for there site, sort of like an add-on?

- Ghost -


I believe it's a windows server, but I'm not sure. I believe ASP only runs on Windows, but there's probably a way to make it run on any OS. [looking it up, I believe I found a way to run ASP on Linux systems.]

I can't say if it's possible or not to get space on the other server, but most likely not. An admin would probably know more than me.


ASP applications were able to run via Linux with Chilisoft, however that is no longer available.

ASP.NET framework is available via mod_mono, but this does not mean you can run ASP scripts on a Linux server.

(Many ASP scripts do not work correctly running anything but IIS [even when running Windows])

We *may* offer space on the Windows server in the future.

Thank you, Admin


Ok cool, thats all I needed to know.


- Ghost -


A bit of a bump but better than making a new topic, has there been anything further on this? I'm redisigning my site to run on ASP for a bit of uni work but would like to use it in that form anyway. Do you have a Win server yet, or any way to run ASP code on a Linux base?