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Will this be allowed?

Started by BBScience, February 25, 2006, 05:51:24 PM

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Hello. I am the owner of, a website based around providing games and proxys on "a domain your sysadmin wont look at". We have experienced a large growth of interest in the site from several schools and a portion of singular users. My last host shut down the site because they claimed that the two proxys held on-site (CGIProxy and PHProxy) caused the server resources to hit 98%. I dont believe this claim, however I am not going back to them simply because they didnt even give me a notification that my site had been shut down (I was out of state for a funeral when they did and only had enough time to check my email once a day, if that). I am interested in using Freepgs as my host simply because they provide large ammounts of bandwidth and a good ammount of space for my needs. However, I need to know if my site will provide too much strain on the server and cause my account to be cancelled. I plan on increasing the selection of flash games I have also, however I try to keep the size small on them.


This should not cause a problem.

Thank you, Admin


Come aboard, it's not exactly a major risk anyway, worst case scenario you waste $30, and if I'm not mistaken if you quite before 30 days you can get that back.

don't worry, if your website causes any system problems, you'll hear about it, it's one of those "hot topics" around here.
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Yes, It would seem, every one, including my self, love that topic ;)