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PHLogger Problems...

Started by lotsofish, February 19, 2006, 11:03:20 AM

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I just installed the PHLogger script on my site and it is working ok for IE, but not in FireFox.  I checked and the code is copied exactly. I was wondering if anybody else had this problem?



Whats not working in Firefox? It's not tracking Firefox users you mean?

I assume it should because it's just javascript - It's counting Firefox users for me anyway on both of my accounts, (If you're interested about 39% of my visitors are using Mozilla).


The pphlogger code hasn't been updated since Version 2.2.5 (2003/10/31), so it reports Firefox as Mozilla and Safari as Netscape 6 -- because the new browser names didn't exist in 2003. Here's how to decode the browser reporting:

Mozilla 1.7 = Firefox 1.0x
Mozilla 1.8 = Firefox 1.5
Netscape 6.0; MacOSX  = Safari


No, it's not tracking Firefox at all. I don't think it's a javascript issue, javascript it turned on. When I load a page with the tracking code in IE, it tracks a visitor. When I load the same page in Firefox, it didn't even register a page load, whether netscape, mozilla or whatever.

I thought I'd give it a try since it was available, but I guess I will have to look elsewhere for a tracking script.



The problem you've been having is one I haven't seen mentioned anywhere before. I use pphlogger for both my FreePgs site and my BlogSpot site. During the FreePgs shutdown due to the fire I used another pphlogger service and it worked fine. It's probably not relevant to the the problem you've been having, but inside the pphlogger.js file there are 3 comment lines concerning framesets:

// If you're using a frameset and are not getting correct
// referrers, please uncomment the following line:
// pp_frames = true;

In addition to pphlogger I use StatCounter. Detailed reports are limited to the last 100 pageviews, but it does offer the option to receive weekly or monthly visitor stats by email. There's also an option to keep it invisible. You can find a comparison of StatCounter and two other free trackers here:


Perhaps you have selected the "Don't track me" option whilst using Firefox? I would ask another firefox user to visit your site to test,