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time in pphlogger incorrect.

Started by geminigeek, February 12, 2006, 02:30:42 AM

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i know there's a setting to change the time in PPHLogger, where you can set the timezone stuff. I put my Timezone as GMT +8, but it seems like the time is still 8 hours slower.

im just wondering if the server has the correct time setting.


The server time and timezone is setup correctly.

The server is set to GMT-0800 (PST).  Maybe Gordon can respond with how the script is setup.

Thank you, Admin


Thanks for bringing this to my attetion.
Upon setting up the server, I had thought that the server was set to -0000 GMT.
I have reset this to GMT-0800 PST.

Now all times should be correct, I now notice my EST is now correct at 4:40 PM EST.