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On and off Downtime

Started by GP™, January 29, 2006, 07:21:30 PM

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We have been encountering downtime on the FreePgs HTTPD on and off all day spaceing out about 1hr and 3mins each downtime interval.

Thedown time last around 25-65 mins each interval..
It starts out by the mysql and email servers going down, and maxing out the connections then the HTTPD goes down..
I'm suspected someones account is either getting slammed or where being DoSed...


webzone (archived)

Even though the message is not for me, I assume you posted it here so we could comment.

I was checking the "top bandwidth users" page and i noticed that, for instance, the account sball has already used 16gb in 11 hours while they used 17 gb in 24 hrs yesterday. Is there any link between these events?


Some of this information was discussed in the admin panel news item.

What do you mean by the "email" servers going down?  The FreePgs httpd does not host any email services except to send message generated by scripts.

What error do you get when "mysql" is down?  (Can you not connect to the port, etc)

Thank you, Admin


When mysql is down I'm getting a "too many connections" error.


We will increase the connection limit.  This typically means that all connections are being used or a high-resource (cpu/memory) user is using accessing their site with a large number of hits.

We may need to start using File Size limits again if the problems persist to prevent large files from being downloaded from user sites.

Thank you, Admin


Let me make my self more clear.. phpmail (Connection could not be established) goes down, then mysql (Too many connections) goes down, followed by a timeout all together on websites..


Topic closed, issue resolved.