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i paid

Started by zoe, January 23, 2006, 05:56:29 AM

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i just paid and update my space
but the system didn't update for me
how long it will takes??



Be sure you used the form on our webpage to submit the upgrade.

How long ago did you submit this upgrade?  Please use the Contact Form to provide more details.
Upgrades are only instant when you fund your payment with an instant source (such as PayPal Balance or Debit/Credit Card).  If you selected the option to debit money from your bank account, PayPal does not send us the money until the "check" has cleared.  This typically takes 3-4 business days.

Once your account is updated (i.e. our system receives the response from PayPal of a successful payment), you will receive an email from our system.

Upgrades will only affect your FreePgs account.  If you have a Plesk account, please use the Contact Form so we can increase your account limits.

Thank you, Admin


i paid by visa 30min ago
i did everything same as u said except get a email from payral

waiting... :-[


PayPal does not show any recent transactions.  Either the PayPal server is having problems (or is in maintenance) or the order was not sent successfully.

If you have a PayPal account, please login to confirm that the payment is listed in your "Recent Activity".  If you do not have a PayPal account (and paid using your credit card), you may wish to contact PayPal to see if the payment can be found.

Did you receive a confirmation or transaction number for this payment?

Thank you, Admin


! successed

one more question

can i place two domain name for my space :o
like 2 different web


I think you can have 3 different domains pointed to your account.

webzone (archived)

Quote from: gordonEvery account has 6 domain slots, if you use www. and non www. that takes two slots.

It basically means the same thing that evilsprouts said.

However, you cannot serve different content for the two domains unless you use a .htaccess hack (as documented in a different thread).