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Help me! Strict Standards: var: Deprecated

Started by huanhvhd, February 16, 2006, 03:20:39 AM

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Strict Standards: var: Deprecated. Please use the public/private/protected modifiers in /fpgs/fpgshttpd/hienhuan/includes/template.php on line 3

I dont know about this error because in my localhost, no problem appear
You can lookup at this url:
Yor can help me declear it? Thanks for your support!

webzone (archived)

PHP 5 (used on this server) has changed the way classes work.

Previously, you would declare a class variable using the "var" keyword. This is now deprecated (and, as such, is not guaranteed to work in future versions). You need to replace the keyword "var" with either "public", "private" or "protected". There is a page in the php documentation describing these three new keywords and you can find it there :

Please note that a page using the visibility keywords (public, private, protected) will not work under PHP 4. Only if you need PHP4 compatibility, you can keep using the "var" keyword and disable error reporting in the Scripting Options section of your member area.