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Need help with Unix command

Started by megawatt, January 22, 2006, 12:50:43 AM

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How do I perform this command to upgrade my phpBB version? Specifically how do I send this command to the server? Appreciate any help here. Thanks.

QuoteWith this done you should run the following command: patch -cl -d [PHPBB DIRECTORY] -p1 < [PATCH NAME] (where PHPBB DIRECTORY is the directory name your phpBB Installation resides in, for example phpBB2, and where PATCH NAME is the relevant filename of the selected patch file).

webzone (archived)

You can't run commands on this server.

If you have a local copy of your files (which you should always have), you can apply the patch to the files on your computer, then reupload them to the server using FTP. By default, Windows machines do not have the "patch" tool, however it is possible to use tools like "patch" in Cygwin, a UNIX shell emulator.

If you can't do this, you can also ask the admin to make the change, using the contact form.


Thank you very much for the response and good information for me, webzone. I may figure out how to use Cygwin later.