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Creating Accounts?

Started by Osprey, January 19, 2006, 09:58:41 PM

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A friend was looking for web hosting so i pointing him here. He "signed up" twice yesterday, and was charged twice, but his account hasn't been created yet? (I thought they were instant activation). He tried lost password but the username was not found. No emails from Freepgs either. Any help/advice? Does he need to email the admin or?



doesnt sound like the best start.

give admin an email, he's the only one who can really sort it out


Please send a message using the Contact Form.  Include their email address and/or username.

The system automatically sends emails when a payment is applied.  If the user paid via eCheck (i.e. not using an instant funding source), they will not be able to access their account until the eCheck clears.

Please have them provide the PayPal order numbers as well as the usernames they have requested.
If they are not receiving return emails from us (and they used the Contact Form), most likely their ISP is blocking our messages (or they are being delivered into their spam folder)

Thank you, ADmin


Thanks, i'll get the details and contact you.



I refunded both of their payments.

Please be sure they are signing up via

Neither of their orders had an InvoiceID nor was there an account created by the system.  (The account is created during the initial signup process)

Thank you, Admin


Thanks again Admin! Everythings sorted now. Much appreciated.