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Site slow on LVCS

Started by 640k, January 15, 2006, 11:59:39 PM

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I have a site hosted by LVCS (not Freepgs and not on the Plesk server). The site has been running slow off and on for 3 days now. Friday morning (Pacific time), we couldn't even connect to the site for a while, and I couldn't connect through FTP or get to my LVCS log-in page. It's running slow right now- I am getting complaints from my board members.

Will this be resolved soon?


webzone (archived)

This is not the support forum. Most of the visitors of this board are FreePgs users, so not many of them can help you. Of course, the FreePgs staff and the FreePgs/LVCS admin also visit this forum often, but none of them seems to be online at this time.

It might be better to use the support information available at


As stated by the above poster, you must use the Support contact information available at the LVCS.NET site when dealing with an LVCS account not hosted on the Plesk server.

We can only assist you with Plesk or FreePgs accounts on this forum.

Thank you, Admin