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Redirection Limit? Can't Load page?

Started by sixthcrusifix, January 13, 2006, 02:15:39 AM

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When I use this at the top of my page:

if( (!isset($_COOKIE['user'],$_COOKIE['$typevalue']) || ($_COOKIE['$typevalue'] != md5("$secret") ) )  )



To confirm a succecfull Admin Login, I get a redirection error that says it can't load the requested page!?
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webzone (archived)

The page probably redirects to itself, which creates an infinite loop. Browsers have different expectations : some will display an error after receiving three Location: headers in a row while others will stop after 20.

If you use Firefox, you can use the LiveHTTPHeaders extension available on to see in real time what redirections occur.


oh cool

For some reason the error stopped when I got rid of all of my cookies. I dunno whyeither.

Now it doesn't happen, I dunno what I did but it don't happen anymore so.. hmmm

and yes, I use firefox.. who would't!?
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