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MY backup SQL wont finish its upload :(

Started by h0ser, January 08, 2006, 07:12:49 AM

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Heya, i just moved here to freepgs and i am having trouble figuring out what i am doing wrong. I exported a backup of my old forum and  when i moved to freepgs i installed a new forum will all the proper files. I log into Manage Database and go to the SQL tab. I try to upload my files, but it just keep going then times out after 300 seconds. I know it uploads some cause i was watching my transfer rate go up in the task manager.

Anyone know what i am doing wrong?


Your file is too large for the page to handle (or your connection cannot upload the file within the 300 seconds allowed)

Please upload the .sql file to your account and use the Contact Form to request us to import this file into your database.  Please be sure to provide the location of the file and the name of the database you need the file imported into.

Thank you, Admin