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CSS wont' work! Damn stroke attribute

Started by sixthcrusifix, December 07, 2005, 09:10:09 PM

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There is a way to set a specific font from the webserver for the browser to use. I remember reading about it but I don't remember where. I'll see if I can find that article again...

webzone (archived)

Quotef you want a certain font for your website, is there a way you can upload the ttf to your website so that even people who don't have teh font installed can see it???

You can do this using CSS and the WEFT tool by Microsoft. However, it will only work in Internet Explorer 5.x (or later) on Windows when the Security settings aren't set to High.

Edit : I believe this is part of the CSS 2.1 specs, but no other browser has implemented it yet. There is already a bug filed in Bugzilla (bug 52746) to have it in Firefox and SeaMonkey.


And here's a link with more information if you're still interested after that disclaimer that webzone made: