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Confused.. need help

Started by n9ne, December 05, 2005, 11:56:23 PM

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When the freepgs server burnt down i had my site reinstated on plesk over at I have a domain name and that is now pointed to the plesk server, but it is listed on my freepgs account.

A while back i asked about using both lots of space.. i.e plesk and freepgs and i was told that it was fine to use both servers. Now im becomming a little confused with the whole situation. I have decided that i would like to use my freepgs account space for the main bulk of my website, but however i have my forum (database) on the plesk server. Now i know i can move the db file and upload it to the freepgs account but that never worked for me before, so i was thinkinga bout leaving the forum where it was. So my question is

1: Keeping forum (files and database) on the plesk server, but uploading the main website to the freepgs server how will that effect my domain name? Cause obviously i would like to link to my main website via my URL instead of the given one.


Im sorry if this is a stupid question but i really cant seem to get my head round this one


If you wanted you could just export the whole db as sql, then run it as an sql command in the db on your freepgs account.. and that should move it fine. Then you just have to copy the files over.

And if you were having problems after that I'm sure someone here would be able to help. (But keep the stuff up on plesk until you are done just incase, as a backup)
- Ghost -

webzone (archived)

Steps :
1. Mirror the contents of your httpdocs directory on Plesk to your FreePgs account.
2. Create the appropriate databases on the FreePgs system.
3. Use phpMyAdmin for Plesk to export your database and import it into the correct db using phpMyAdmin (for the Freepgs System)
4. Make sure that your account is ready (check your settings in the Freepgs Control Panel)
5. Switch your nameservers.
6. Ask the admin to remove your Plesk account when the nameserver changes have propagated (allow up to 24 hours)

It is better to move your content completely. If you ever have problems, ask on the forum, there is certainly someone that can help you (as ghost said above).