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Problems logging in to plesk

Started by Orgun, December 02, 2005, 10:40:50 AM

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I have been having problems logging in to Plesk, it keeps saying my username & password are invalid, and it wont let me request my password via email because it says my username & email address are invalid?!

my address is

Thanx for any help


Unless you specifically requested an account on Plesk while new accounts were being created, you won't have an account there.  If this is the case, you should login at and click the "Setup Domains" button.


I have an account there created when i registered a domain from freePgs, i logged in for a few months, then had a problem logging. i contacted plesk, they said the account was not re-created and they fixed the problem and told me i have to contact freepgs with any other problems..

Ok, i uploaded my website to the freepgs account and now its working to my domain name ???
Has things changed so that they are now 1 account instead of 2?


From the way I read that, it looks like you were on Plesk before the fire but not after the fire.

If that's the case, your account is now only on freepgs.


Ok thanx for the quick reply :)
hope no one was hurt in the fire :s