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Do you have the time?

Started by ghost, November 30, 2005, 04:27:15 AM

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If an admin (or the admin) knows, what is the 'session length' set to before it times out?

And also, whats with the time() thing? it seems to keep changning.. sometimes, it's the same as my computer, others it 10 or 15 minutes behind..
- Ghost -

webzone (archived)

I'm not an admin, but i know the answer of the first question. Sessions usually time out when the browser window is closed. However, PHP will consider the session data as garbage after 1440 seconds (24 minutes) of inactivity and will delete it. This is defined by the session.gc_maxlifetime configuration directive. You can always check the value with a phpinfo.


As for the time changes, the system is synched with the time server twice daily.

I have no idea why the system time is not consistent, it most likely has to do with the way the operating system is updating the hardware clock.

If this continues, we will synch more often to keep the time correct.

Thank you, Admin