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New account , same name not showing

Started by steve_moore, November 30, 2005, 10:07:40 PM

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I recently purchased another titanium account , and I used the same name as I did on my first account . Well , it went through , but it is only acknowledging one account . How can I resolve this to use both accounts seperatly ?

Thanks ,


You must use the "Signup" form to purchase separate accounts.

The order link is for upgrading only.  It does not actually order another account for you.

This is why we use the AccountID as the InvoiceID for PayPal.  If you paid via PayPal originally, the system would have stopped you stating the invoice was already paid.

Please use the signup form, create a new account, and send the username/AccountID to me via the Contact Form (or reply to the message you should have received from your original contact request).  We will then move your existing payment to the new account.

Thank you, Admin