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Started by klumsi, November 27, 2005, 08:13:06 PM

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I am SOOO confused. Ok.. I havent been online in a couple months, i came back and my domain isnt working. I also cant log in to Plesk, and i have forgotten my Acct # for, so i cant log in to change the nameservers (i cant retrieve the acct info because the email address that LVCS has is no longer valid and i simply cannot fax paperwork anytime soon, i hardly have time for this, ahhhhhhhhhhh!!)

So - what can i do? Im consfused as to which service i have been using. I signed up with freepgs, but registered my domain with LVCS and have been using the LVCS plesk and ftp service for nearly a year now. What do i have to do to get my domain up and running again? 

User:  vzmeth   
Acct ID:  42398


Looks like you found your account #?   

There was a fire so stuff was lost, sorry to say.

You just have to request an account reinstatment on this board:

And you can probably ask to have your domain set to it at the same time (You will also probably be on the freepgs side instead of Plesk now)

--Hopefully you had backups too.
- Ghost -


Well thats my freepgs acct, not the lvcs one. A fire, wow, that sucks.. really bad, i lost my backups. Darn.
I have been to that forum, but it says they are no longer taking any requests, so i went ahead and used the domain setup in my freepgs acct. Hopefully that will work. Thanks


You can host domains directly on your FreePgs account.

If you wish to be added to Plesk, please use the Contact Form.
(You can also request password resets for your account)

Your Plesk account does not exist unless you submitted to have it reinstated during the allowed period.

To change/reset your registrar password, please email or visit the "forgot password" links on the registrar site for instructions.

Thank you, Admin


Which contact form should i use to request Plesk? The one here at freepgs? And is there a time limit that i have to request Plesk? Also, i used the Domain Setup option on my freepgs acct, will that work to get my domain set back up again?
Thanks for the help.


There is only one contact form.  (It is located on the site)

You appear to have already submitted your domain using the "Setup Domains" section of the Options panel.  You do not need to submit this again via the Contact Form UNLESS you wish to have your site moved to the Plesk system.

Your domain will work, you will need to upload your content using

Your nameservers should be set to
(This will point your domain to the FreePgs system)

The Plesk system uses different nameservers.

Thank you, Admin