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Non-existing account...

Started by reverie, November 15, 2005, 03:58:57 PM

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I'm trying to reinstate my account (Freepgs hosting with a domain from lvcs) but I seem to have been wiped off the map. I can't log in on freepgs or directly on plesk (username does not exist error).

What's going on?

User: sonodreme
Account: don't know because I can't login

help please!


If you have not heard the old freepgs server was lost in a horriable fire.

You will need to be re-added to our system. We will post when your account is re-active or if we need anymore information.

Thank you,


Please use the Contact Form to request your account to be reinstated.

Please be sure to include as much information as possible (including that you were on Plesk)

Thank you, Admin