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pls help

Started by linhanh, November 13, 2005, 10:31:51 PM

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i dont know why ... i did set the nameserver be4 and is worked

now my domain cannot display .. thi is my domain

and i use z server

pls help

thanks admin

webzone (archived)

your domain is correctly pointed to the plesk server.

i would recommend you to check your dns settings in plesk. you might have accidentally switched your domain from master to slave


As the user stated, you clicked the "Switch" link on the DNS panel.

I have changed your domain back to Master.  Please avoid modifying DNS settings within your account unless you are doing so for a specific purpose.  The "Switch" button switches the server from master to slave.  If you change it to "slave" and do not point the server to a primary nameservers, your site will fail to resolve.

Thank you, Admin


ohh phanks admin ... yeah i did clicked on switch by acident mmmm actually .. i just playing around with the host .. oh well ... no another timeĀ  ;D

thanks alot admin :) sorry