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error 404 page not found

Started by tmkf, November 13, 2005, 09:35:10 PM

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I keep getting this, as well as I get problems that my background and images are not displayed etc
do i have to chmod something or is it some .htaccess problem?
id really appreciate some help thanks


Please provide more details such as your username, URL, and/or the filename you are trying to view.

Thank you, Admin


username tmkf
url (for now) is
any file, but even this 1, gives probs like dat


This is because you have the following HTML on your site.

<base href="" />

This will cause all relative links to resolve incorrectly.  (Since your username is not included nor is the path to your files)

Remove this line from your page and your images will show on the pages.

(This appears to be read from the configuration of your script.  Please adjust the script settings to the correct URL.)

Thank you, Admin