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Setting up my e-mail address.

Started by jokestr2003, November 12, 2005, 05:22:18 AM

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So... I could set up an email account on my Plesk domain, but its not giving me Mailbox access. I followed the (simple) directions on the page and it seems as if the activation doesn't happen, because It keeps taking me back to the whole

"Mailbox quota - Default for the domain
--------------------.- Enter size -----"

Thing. And I can't figure out why =(


Please provide more information such as your domain name so we can review your settings.

Thank you, Admin


My domain name is skandfriends....

On that subject, the Plesk server is back up, yet my website still gives me "Page Cannot be displayed."  ???


This is because your domain is NOT pointed to the proper nameservers.

If using the Plesk server, your domain must be pointed to:


Thank you, Admin


Thanks a bunch ^_^ I'm pretty sure its all sorted out now.  :D

....Now um... what was it about my e-mail address thing...? =/