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account disabled?!??

Started by ishbog, November 08, 2005, 12:11:04 AM

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i switched the nameservers, like i was told, did everything else, but now my plesk account is DISABLED. what the hell do i do now? i paid a good $16 not a WEEK before they went down OVER A MONTH AGO! i do everything, finally, and now something else doesnt work, AGAIN. needless to say, this crap is pissing me off. what do you want? me to take my money back?


Your account was disabled because it was NOT POINTED to our nameservers or to our IP address properly.

Unless your domain is pointed DIRECTLY to our nameservers or to our IP address via DNS records, it will not work with the Plesk system.

Your payment was received 9-Sep, not one week before the downtime.

Your account will be enabled when you point your domain to our nameserver or to our IP address.

Thank you, Admin


sry if ive been pissed off. when i posted that, they were. but oh well. works now. thanks! i appreciate the fact you do your job.