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IP/DNS Settings

Started by admin, November 10, 2005, 10:42:49 PM

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If your domain was added to our Plesk server during the downtime, be sure your domain is pointed to these nameservers:


Or, if you have simply pointed to our IP address using DNS records, please be sure you are using this IP address:

If your domain is housed directly on the FreePgs server, please use the following nameservers:  [This information is used for all clients that add their domain directly to this system.  The only exception is if you login using Plesk at]


Or, if you have simply pointed to our IP address, you would continue to point to this address:

Please note, if you wish to host your domain directly on the FreePgs service using our nameservers, you must resubmit the domain via the "Setup Domains" section of the Options panel so we can add it back to our nameservers.

If you wish to migrate from the Plesk service back to the FreePgs service, please use the Contact Form for further instructions.

Thank you, Admin